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Matt Baird I have no idea what happened to this band or how I heard them in the first place (it wasn't here). But I come back and listen to this album at least once a month, which is a rare thing for me. Beautifully dark, tight, and assaulting. And quality production to boot. Favorite track: WINTER.
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The Ancient is:


Frozen Path was Produced & Composed by The Ancient.
Recorded at Dreadcore Productions, All Lyrics by Chris.
The Ancient is a Copy-write of WinterWolf Records and all its subsidiaries.

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released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


THE ANCIENT Alexandria, Egypt

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Forcing the children to read the book of lies
In the temple of deceit and forever myth
No one can save, you are not saved, nothing can save you
You are not saved

There is no plan for us
No fucking way of life
Just to exist and kill each other off
One by one taking sides

And the stars are ashamed to reflect their light through our atmosphere
And still we take our precious time
Like from the beginning

The Eons of fiction will haunt you
We are making our own virus, we are making no gain
Can I not embrace the moon as it is my sun whom lights my interests
Take my concrete breath that shall fall upon dispersion to the earth
Conscious beings, you do not compliment my living presence
I cannot express how unimportant your deeds really are
Create something worth my while, create a being worth my time

Making these facets for consumer worship
This cannot be the comfort you seek
I realize how close we have come to destroy our contribution in life

All I have wanted was to be the only one
Because my name was so vital in contact
You would never discover me
I am more of you than you can ever fathom

Could I finally make use of the moon?

These are the deeds of conscious living beings?
Track Name: WINTER
Being born into a world of unsuitable happenings
I am so grateful for this
My soul can rest and my worth is not measured
We all live in peace and nothing is construed
When I wake I breath pure inspiration
Nothing is a burden and the cosmos is peacefully at bay

The war was nothing I have ever seen
The ships tore open and matter was lost in the void of space
I once thought there would be no way of reclaiming our innocence
It was destined to happened and much to be lost

There is nothing for you here
Inside your mind you have the most insidious and detrimental
Thoughts that will never be welcome.

The first step you take will be the last
I promise you will be slain
Do not bare my judgment from ignorance
But from a dozen chances your race has had
Contributing nothing but perverse ideals based on faith
And destroying an immaculate concept
Track Name: DECEIVER
Everything is impossible to be the one to feed them i can only take so much
Lurking psychosis, renewal of justice
We will never be the same

What will become of them.
What can be done to save them
Nothing is fair enough
But something must me done

This is a detriment for all mankind
Why is their so much turmoil
Everything you've done is a waste

Unholy an deserving

There is no innocence for your actions
I cannot postpone this anymore
Waiting is not an option
Without all of you the world will benefit
You have no great honor
Track Name: SOLACE
On a frozen path I cannot bare how it burns my feet
As the heat from an enormous valcosis draws my near anguish
for my end is near, you have known for some time
Resenting you was the only pastime I've acquired
The illumination is cast throughout the snow top
Mocking the odds is too apparent I know
Stillness is subsiding my contemplation of death
I'll bet my metamorphosis wont be as
Is this a complete matrix of my thoughts
That can over come my celestial body
My mind possesses a continent of guilt
There is nothing more powerful then my anguish
no life to live as i attempt to stand
I cannot fill your mind with the right image to portray
My dementia.
This is a quandary that disables any hope for my condition
I am obvious to no one of how I feel
What can truly paralyze me any more
There is nothing that will break me but few bounds remain
I am a barrier of many things
Hate, fear, and the cold presence of discomfort

Is there only one option beside me
Has it been this way for quite some time
I know it has

"Am I doomed to this baron winter
The only footprints I can see are my own
Should it carry me home and never fail
I always remember who i should have been"